Hello, Amy Dabrowski here! love monochrome was established in December 2018 when I was expecting my second son Felix who is now 2, and is little brother to Freddie now 4. When pregnant, I struggled to find a selection of black and white high quality baby accessories. That's when love monochrome was born. As a mum of two boys, I understand the importance of having products to help calm and soothe babies while promoting their development.

Why monochrome?

At birth, a baby's eyesight is still developing and their world is blurry. As young eyes are learning to focus on the world around them, black and white patterns are easier for them to see. Studies show that babies find these images more interesting than similar multi coloured ones, and that they engage with them for longer periods of time.

love monochrome has curated and developed the best products for other mummies who share our love for black and white 🖤

love monochrome has been featured in British Vogue and British Tatler.



Photos by @PalitaPhotographer